Do you want a 200% up to €400 bonus for casino, poker and sportsbetting?

Well then you have arrived at the right place because by simply using the bonus code TP400 on your first deposit then that is what you will get! The bonus is released in steps of €5 for every 1000 User Points generated. It will therefore give you a constant extra bonus for being loyal to the site as long as the bonus is active. Also it does not matter where at our site you choose to play, you will always earn User Points from play in the sportsbook, casino and of course in the poker rooms. Full details and terms of the bonus can be found below.


- You need to earn 1000 User Points for each increment of €5 to be released.
- Once you have cleared a step the bonus is paid to your account the following day at 14.00 CET.
- You have 90 days to clear the bonus and any un-cleared bonus will expire after 90 days.
- The bonus can only be used once.
- You can read how User Points are earned here.
- If you make a withdrawal any un-cleared bonus will expire.